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"Zyma offer a very competitive price for hosting - it was so low I thought it might be either a mistake in the pricing or a rip off! It has proved to be neither as they offer an excellent and reliable service. Being new to creating a website I needed the odd bit of help from their support team. I've yet to be kept waiting for a reply as the guys on support are very quick to respond to my queries. In fact I beleive that their support team are what really makes Zyma one of the best hosting companies around." - SnapHappyMedia

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"Overall I was impressed with Zyma Hosting not only because of the cost effective price point but also by the simplicity and ease with which I was able to navigate the account. " - High Rated Hosting

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"As a result of Zyma's unique approach to offering web hosting packages, and after researching almost every web hosting provider based in the U.K, we found Zyma to be the best web host in terms of the value provided and the amazingly low price." -


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Zyma is the best hosting i've ever used with fantastic service and support I'd like to recomend to my friends to use Zyma Hosting

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